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About Me

Cyrus' particular areas of speciality are insomnia relief, weight loss, eliminating anxiety and natural fertility improvement. He is passionate about helping people get to the real cause of the challenges in their lives.

He loves Holistic Kinesiology and natural therapies not only because they have empowered him to tackle his own personal health and life challenges in the past, but he has been fortunate enough to witness big transformations in his client's lives over the years of being a professional health care practitioner. Holistic Kinesiology has changed his outlook on life and what is really possible. Since then he has decided to dedicate his life to studying and practicing and teaching Holistic Kinesiology and natural therapies.

Holistic Kinesiology

Kinesiology has the ability to create the best possible health by assessing your body structurally, emotionally, nutritionally and energetically.

Your practitioner will identify key factors blocks your body's natural healing processes, or stopping your from moving forward.

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