Holistic Kinesiology -
What can it help?

- Pain (chronic/acute)
- Back ache and headaches
- Stress
- Muscular/nervous disorders
- Allergies and nutritional disorders
- Psychological & learning problems
- Depression and anxiety
- Vaccination reactions
- Hormonal problems
- Sexual health & fertility
- Attention disorders
- Fears/phobias
- Sports injuries
- Joint pain
- Digestive disorders
- Weight loss
- Skin conditions
- Addictions
- Fatigue and low energy
- Personal development and lifestyle enhancement

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How can it help you?
Kinesiology can help you achieve your maximum health potential by assessing and balancing your body on all levels-. structurally, emotionally, nutritionally and energetically

Cyrus Parsa is able to use Kinesiology to help identify key factors blocking your body's natural healing processes, or stopping you from moving forward.

Kinesiology can help you achieve a more positive life
where you respond rather than react to situations. When you are experiencing any illness, pain, or fatigue of the body or mind, it means your body is currently under stress. The level of this stress can be tested in many ways by a qualified kinesiologist who has an extensive understanding of the connection between various muscle groups and their links to the cells, organs, hormones and energy flows in the body.

The practitioner can also help you to bring awareness of thoughts, beliefs or emotions to the conscious mind. This will empower you to examine their value and what impact they may have on your health and your life.

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